Our tequila is developed with 100% agave Tequilana Weber Azul. These beautiful blue agaves are cut in half and slowly steam cooked in masonry ovens. We distill slowly, thus only reserving the heart of the tequila. Our tequila is produced in very small batches; we do not alter it in any kind of way beyond its original process. Always respecting the uniqueness of each batch. Each bottle of tequila is personally numbered and detailed so that your experience of sharing it becomes as special as ours while producing it.


Baluarte's Recent Accolades


Baluarte's Story


"Baluarte's story is a bold story, full of agaves and handshakes, but mostly full of a dream to share a flagship product of our country made with passion and for all the right reasons.”

Martha De León - Partner and CEO

Tasting Notes


Baluarte Reposado

Clear and brilliant Light yellow Delicate fruit aromas like cherry and peach. Subtle anise and cinnamon spiciness. Cooked agave with mint like herbal notes. Caramel and vanilla flavoured.

Baluarte Blanco

Clear and brilliant, silver shaded with a great body. Highlighted fruit aromas like pineapple, grapefruit and lemon. Vivid cooked agave notes with an overtone of vanilla and caramel Herbal thyme notes with a sweet savour from the cooked agave. Great aftertaste permanence.

Baluarte Reposado

Clear and bright slight yellow tones. Accompanied by delicate fruit aromas such as cherry and peach; also the very subtle hint of cooked agave, associated with subtle anise, vanilla, cinnamon spiciness and minty herbal notes.

Baluarte Blanco

Clear and bright silver tones. Highlighted by delicate fruit aromas such as pineapple, grapefruit and lime; also the very vivid notes of cooked agave, which are associated with the sent of vanilla, caramel and a faint sent of herbs such as thyme.

"Baluarte means fortress. A baluarte is a stronghold that protects all that is valuable. It protects treasures."

Guillermo - Co-founder

This is how we produce Baluarte

From harvesting our agaves to packaging the bottles, we enjoy every step of the way because we love what we do.






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